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I’m sorry, what?

from my rotten body flowers will grow

and I am in them, and that is eternity

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Things are going swimmingly!

Things have been going real swell lately. Sure, work’s been a bit of a bitch. But work is work. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my little sister. Er, well, it feels like it anyways. She came up to Target with me last week to pick up my paycheck (which surpassed $400!) and I bought the kids a 2DS to share, and we picked out some gifts to get Maria for her 18th birthday. 

Then we went to Applebee’s and got lunch together and We’ve been playing Pokemon a lot together. I spent months trying to get a Keldeo for her for the day she got a 2DS since it was an event only Pokemon and I missed it. I ended up trading one of my favorite Pokemon for it but whatevs, she’s been really having a blast with the game and Keldeo. And I gave her my special event Celebi because thats one of her favorites too. And we’ve been battling and I’ve been helping her out with the story line and all that good stuff. And Cooper and I have been battling too so thats cuel.

And I’ve got this whole week off from work! Which is great because this is the week Maria goes down to Minneapolis. We’re going down a day early to just sorta have a day together before she gets her tattoo on Wednesday.

I feel like her and I have been real close lately. Which is great! Things have been much more, well, romantic than usual. And I think that’s been helping a lot and it’s just put us both in way better moods. 

And I’m really happy for her because this week has been going great for her. She just got over 200 bucks back from the government from work and it was great timing cause she can use some in Minneapolis now! She’s really hoping she gets the other 600 before we leave tomorrow night but if not hey, with what i’ve got left from my paycheck combined with her 200, we’ll be set and stone for the week.

I also rescued that guppy thats been in the really dirty fish bowl downstairs. No one was feeding it except me and you couldn’t even see in the bowl. I decided that since Carl is out of that 40-gallon tank, I’d adopt the guppy and put him in the big tank. Maria and I spent hours cleaning it and it finally looks great again. Since that guppy has been here for more than a year and everyone forgot his name, I decided to rename him Odysseus. Since he’s persevered through so much. I really wanted to treat the little guy so I bought some more guppies and some mollies. I decided to name them all after greek mythology beings. The black molly is named Hades, the silver one Zeus, and the guppies are Icarus, Castor, and Helios. I also got a snail and named his Polyphemus. The snail that the PetCo guy picked up was eating a carcass and it was badass. I also bought a Buddha head statue to put in the tank so it looks a little nicer in there. Not so dull anymore. And I bought a bubbler so there is some good Oxygen levels in there. 

But Castor has been hanging out at the bottom of the tank for two days. I don’t know if he’s sick or just feels like he’s gotta be there since he’s the smallest of the group. But sometimes Icarus comes by and lays with him. I hope he makes it through the time that I’m gone. 

This might sound kinda cruel but if he dies I’m going to leave his body in there. I mean, I think it’s just sorta heartless to dump a fishes corpse into a dirty toiled so it can run through the shitty sewers with a ton of piss and crap. I’ll probably bury him in the tank, or let Polyphemus eat him. Let the cycle go. 

And once they all have lived their lives I’ll fill it with plants and snails and just let it get real “dirty” in there. But i think it looks really cool when it gets nasty. Because it’s actually sorta healthy. Creating life in there. 

Anyways, yeah. Life’s good. But works made me go from not having to wear a belt to having to wear a belt with the first hole, to the second, to the third, and now to the fourth. 

I always wanted to lose a little weight. But not like this. I lost like all of my muscle and just feel weak. Sorta bummed. I started eating my vitamins again since I never have a huge appetite now.



Today, April 14, 2014, Gov Dayton signs this bill into law - raising the minimum wage in Minnesota to $9.50 (a $3.35 increase)

woop! too bad I hear it doesn’t come into play until 2015..