Misfortune's waiting for the best time to appear.

Bands I’ve grown on

Bright Eyes
Elliott Smith
Rocky Votolato
Neva Dinova
Son, Ambulance
Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s
Damien Rice
Band of Horses
The Rural Alberta Advantage
Ben Howard
Citizen Cope
Fleet Foxes
Greg Laswell
Matt Pond PA
Minus the Bear
Titus Andronicus
Modest Mouse
Peter Bradley Adams
Sea Wolf
The Shins
The Strokes
Andrew Bird
Damien Jurado
Josh Pyke
Matt & Kim
Bloc Party
Iron & Wine
Angus & Julia Stone
Benjamin Gibbard
Glen Hansard
This Will Destroy You

Laying here bored

Not really sure what to do, I’m no tired, but I should be. I took a long and relaxing walk, my legs feel like moldy jello. …don’t ask.
So thoughts on the postal service. Im listening to them right now. Not intentionally though, they just sorta started playing on my phone. But it’s cool. I like them. Too bad they only released one full album. Then the singer made Death Cab For Cutie. And they are alright too; their albums Plans and Transatlanticism were very well made, but they are starting to hit the mainstream of things. Whatever happened to good ol’ electronic music. I mean sure it’s alive, but it’s not what it used to be. And I’m not talking dubstep or techno here, I’m talking electronic music. There’s a difference. Whatever, anywhore, whoever hasn’t listened to Postal Service, I’d recommend them. Good stuff. The song Such Great Heights is their well known one. Well, was anyway. Iron & Wine covered that song, and if I might add, he did a fantastic job on the cover. Iron & Wine is a great band. Simple songs really. They’re very well put together, lyrically anyway. They’re like little stories I every single song. His voice is really quiet. He does this whisper/singing sort of thing. But I really like it. Its soothing. Er whatever. I wasn’t a fan of his newer album though. Too much editing went into it. Its just not his area to be in.
Iron & Wine has made a lot of good songs. But If I had to recommend a few, I’d have to say Flightless Bird, Upward Over the Mountain, Lions Mane, Boy With a Coin, and Fever Dream. Those were all put together nicely. His best album was probably The Shepard’s Dog. It had a lot of “jazz-like” noise in it. It turned out well. Well my thumbs hurt like a motherfucker so I’m off to other things.