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I’ll be babysitting all day y’all

So all you lovely followers should leave some questions in my ask box for me to answer, seeing as how I’ll be bored out of my goddamned mind all day.

I’m a seventeen year old spending their summer babysitting. Cool life right?

Took this in art^ 
It’s blurry, but oh well.

Day turned out great. This was probably the best day I’ve had this whole school year. Fantastic morning, and from there on out things stayed steady. It was a people kind of day. Reed got out of his art class today so he and I walked down to the gas station and got a peace tea and Arizona. Austin was quiet in English so I wasn’t really disturbed then, and I talked to jake a lot today. I don’t know why, but he just appeared in my day a lot. I saw him reading at lunch when I was biking so I stopped and we talked during the whole lunch period about random stuff. I guess we are going to go get peace teas tomorrow during 8th hour. He’s a good kid, I mean I’m not huge friends with him. But he’s nice to me and I’m nice back. So it works out.

Didn’t go to ninth hour today. Maria got out of photo and I spend the hour with her. After I had left jake when lunch ended I biked up to the other gas station to get a coke for her and I. So we talked for a while and enjoyed those. Then Reed and Marisa came by after school and saw us holding hands and Marisa looked REAL angry. I don’t know why.. Reed seemed pretty furious as well. It was weird. I asked Reed a question and he avoided it and immediately asked me in an angry tone if Maria and I were dating. Which made me think. I mean her and I basically are, but neither of us have officially asked the other out. I’m sort of afraid to.. I don’t know I feel like things will be ruined. But its just 6 words, “will you go out with me?” how can that change things. Maria and I are really close now it’s just. Idk I’m sure the words will come out of my mouth soon.

Anyways, she went to Olivia’s and then Reed and Marisa left. Aaron and I ended up biking near blackwoods and Reed picked us up. Then we all got Perkins and now I’m home. I’m babysitting at my Dad’s at 9 so I’ll see him for a while before he leaves. The kids will be in bed so it won’t be stressful or anything. I get to see my dad and I get paid. So it’s a win win.

So yeah, today is going really well. No stress at all:}
Oh how I love art class
A wild coin in a wall appeared! Photo I took last month? I think it was last month. Maybe the month before

Hurr the Durr

Oh hey look, a blue hat #filter #hat #neff #stripes #photo #photograph #pic #self #dark #blackandwhite #reach #hold #fade #color #splash #duluth #minnesota #merp #herp #derp #bored #random (Taken with instagram)

Had a really kickass and laid back weekend

Friday: I ended up going to see the school play with Maria and Jonathan. The play was pretty fucking great.

Then got picked up to go chill with Reed at his place. We stayed up all night reliving the glory days on the N64. Mario Kart. We played through all the Grand Prix cups on 150cc’s. Ohh Rainbow Road… how I missed you.

Saturday: Spent the whole day watching my little bro and sis. Mother went out to Minneapolis for the day.

Reed stopped by once he got finished with his ACT testing. We went and got Soulcalibur V. So fucking happy.

Maria came over to help me paint a pair of blank Vans that were supposed to come in the mail today. They never came.. But whatever we bummed at my place for the day. Learned how to cook a pizza (Thanks to Maria), Watched the Hangover and Ghost Hunters or whatever the fuck it’s called, and talked about meaningless conversations. Sounds dull, but it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. 

Maria left a little after 10, Reed came over and made some fucked up characters in Soulcalibur V. Passed out around 1.

Sunday: Woke up to Pigeons outside my window VERY early in the morning. Reed headed out around noon. I spent my last day of the week lounging in my room, sleeping, and playing with my kitty. 

Lots of other things happened too, but these were the big things that made my Weekend. Thanks Nintendo, Namco, Reed, Jonathan, and Maria.

Ever walk down an isle and target and shit your pants when all the black baby dolls start screaming?
Yea… Me neither.

"Our little measurements are always chasing after us." -Conor Oberst
I hope you always find someone to take you home. To put you into bed, kiss your cheek, and check your pulse. Make sure you’re still breathing, put their hand up to your nose… I wish that could be me, but it’s just not possible.