Misfortune's waiting for the best time to appear.

Oh how I love art class

Oh how I love art class

What a shitty way to end the day

Where the hell do i start here. Well lets start with the morning i guess. It wasnt too bad. I woke up early and had breakfast for once. Did all the things i normally do in the morning, and them biked to school. My mom’s been gone since monday so its been up to me to find ways to get to school. So i biked. It was nice. It was raining and i loved it. But once I got to school i noticed my backpack was covered in mud so that sorta sucked. I was also cold and damp all day. Because I went for a walk during 3/4 lunch too.

So this is when the day gets shitty. I’m not going to be covering shit up at all here, I’m going to be as honest as possible. So today, Reed and Marisa told me we were going to have the first day of art club. So i was sort of excited about that. They said they had some stuff planned out to do. I was supposed to meet them in the art room after school. So thats where i went. The art room. I waited for about 5-10 minutes and they didnt show up. I talked to my art teacher for a while until Maria showed up. Seeing her made me happier. School’s been shitty this week. So I talked to her for a while and then Haley (Maria’s friend) showed up. About 15 minutes had passed now and neither Reed or Marisa had shown up. So I was starting to get a little irritated. And then Austin showed up. Austin is a cool kid and all, but to be honest here i get a little irritated of him sometimes. Why? Well it’s because i get the vibe that he likes Maria. And better yet, I think she likes him. So that brought me down quite a bit seeing them both there. Seeing as how I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to Maria because she makes me smile and I seem to do the same to her. Maybe I just spent so much time with her that ive grown protective? I dont know its rediculous. But I let it bother me.

So then Bradley walked in and asked us what was up, I told him about art club and he was all, “Ah sorry man i cant on Tuesdays.” Which I already knew. A lot of people can’t do it on Tuesdays. So I asked Mrs. Grombacher if we could do it another day. She said Wednesday would work. And when she said that i sorta got pissed off because Marisa told me that it would only work on Tuesday. If people cant make it on Tuesday why the hell would she decide to have it on Tuesday?

=Well fuck, so at this point about 45 minutes had gone by and the two little bastards never showed up. Reed was my ride home today too. He said he’d drive me home. But he never showed up. I texted him to see what was up but he didnt reply. So Reed and Marisa blew us off and because of this, Maria and Haley missed their bus. And that angered me quite a bit. So then Maria, Haley and Austin decided to all go hang out after school. But I on the other hand decided to lie and say that I had homework to do at home. And i really pissed myself off because the other night I told Maria i would never lie to her. Well looks like that was a lie. I dont know why i said it either. I just.. I dont know, i just did. 

So, eventually I just up and left the art room in a mentally angry mood, and got to my bike and began to head home. God knows what those 3 went to go do. And after biking for about 20 minutes, still in a disappointed mood, I heard a car honk it’s horn at me. I looked up and sure enough, I see Tony Dow flipping me off, with my ex-girlfriend in the passenger seat laughing. I sorta just scoffed and kept biking uphill but as i went on what just had happened started to sting a little bit. Was it necessary for them to do that? Probably not. If anything it was childish. But for some reason it got to me. 

Then i noticed that I was biking past an old friends house on 2nd street and began to wonder how he was doing. I haven’t really talked to him much, Harry that is. I stopped talking to him because it seemed like most attempts to talk to him failed. I figured he sorta forgot about our wee little friendship once I left marshall and attended east. But life goes on, im sure he’s doing good. He’s been making music so thats pretty sweet. 

But anyway, I got home and spoke to my older brother a bit. He gave me two cans of beer to drink away my troubles so that was nice of him. I plan on drinking one after i post this and then maybe one after i wake up. I feel a little drowsy. I took some melatonin once i got home. I like to sleep.

Well that’s all I’ve got to say for now i guess. It’s just been an all around disappointing evening.